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You need someone to look after your pets while you’re on holiday or away from home? Kennels, petsitting, boarding...nowadays there are a number of petsitting options that may be suited to both you and your pet.

Kennels and catteries

Kennels and catteries are the still the best known and most traditional pet sitting service that pet owners tend to turn to.

When you go for this option, you know that a team of professionals will be taking care of your pet.

Most kennels and catteries (animal boarding services) offer an excellent service and are run animal lovers, passionatre about their work.

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Pet sitting in a host family

Did you know that you can now arrange to board your pet in a host family’s home ?

Also known as pet sitting, the idea began in North America and involves entrusting your pet to a host family while you go away.

These families or individuals – the pet sitters – are people who are passionate about animals and wish to earn a little extra cash at the same time as pursuing their hobby.

With kennels and catteries often fully booked at Christmas or at holiday times, this new form of pet sitting is becoming increasingly popular.

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Pet sitting in your own home

If you worry about sending your pet to a strange environment, arranging for a sitter to look after it in your own home is the ideal solution.

Quite simply this option means that your pet stays at home and a pet sitter moves in for the period you’re away.

As the sitter will be sleeping in your home, your pet will benefit from a presence in the home at night as well as during the day and also, of course, will not have to deal with a change of scene.

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Visits and walks

If your pet is relatively independent then another option that could work for you is visits and walks.

If your cat or dog (or other pet) doesn’t mind being left alone and dislikes being away from home then this is the perfect solution.

A pet sitter will come to your home up to 3 times a day to look after the welfare of your animal(s).

Owners also like this service because of its flexibility as you can specify the duration and frequency of the visits depending on your and your animal’s needs.

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Other forms of pet sitting

For several years now, the pet sitting sector has been evolving fast and new forms of sitting have been constantly emerging.

As a result you can find a multitude of different services, which although little known to the general public, offer nevertheless a well adapted solution to their needs.

For example, these days you can organise a pet sitting exchange. A simple concept whereby you look after someone’s pets while they’re away and they do the same for you.

Boarding in an animal shelter is also possible if you can find no other solution, but shelters get quickly booked up especially close to the summer holidays.

Another form of pet sitting, somewhat more original, the pet hotel. Provided with his own little bedroom, your pet will get all the pampering he or she could want.

Lastly a solution which combines the care of your pet with the looking after of your property: home sitting. With this service, not only does the sitter take care of your animal companion but also takes responsibility for the security and upkeep of your home while you’re away.

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