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Find our cat and dog pet sitters in your county

Your little fur balls deserve all the attention in the world and we will do everything to make them comfortable and make sure they do not forget your absence.

To make is easier to locate a pet carer near you, we have divided the UK into counties to find the closest pet carer. The following list is split by constituent country, time period and purpose. There are more than 150 counties that are part of metropolitan UK.

Max&Kitty covers most of these counties, so be sure to create your free quote and find a pet sitter near you. Let not forget that the closer the sitter, the better for your pet. With dogs for example, a departure of their master can sometimes be a traumatic experience. It is therefore essential to find a minder who is close but who you will also have the confidence of leaving your pet for the during your vacation.

Buckinghamshire - Cambridgeshire - Dorset - East Sussex - Essex - Gloucestershire - Hampshire - Hertfordshire - Kent - North Yorkshire - Oxfordshire - Warwickshire

Animal care across counties

Each county in the UK has a history of its own and rich traditions. From the Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland, to Stonehenge in Wiltshire, to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, we understand why you may want to find someone local – one being the nature of the character of that county; and two the familiar surroundings that make your pet feel comfortable and at home.

Buckinghamshire for example, offers nice places for walks and visits. Notable for its natural features and open countryside, including the River Thames, Stowe Landscaped Gardens near Buckingham and the Chiltern Hills Area of an exceptional natural beauty, Buckinghamshire is rich in history.

Kent too is full of history. Since the conversion of Great Britain to Christianity in the sixth century by Saint Augustine, the Canterbury Cathedral, one of the main attractions of Kent, has been the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

On fair weather days, as it is most of the time in Kent, France can be seen from the White Cliffs of Dover and Folkestone. Hills in the series of the Greensand Ridge and the North Downs span the length of Kent and the county's 26 castles, offering a unique spectacle in the form of valleys in between and to the south which make wonderful locations for beautiful walks.

The UK is full of beautiful landscapes and rich history and we would like to make your pet feel more at home than ever. For that reason, we are committed to offering a local tailored service for all your needs so that you and your pet feel happy while you are away.

Do you need someone local coming to your home? Not a problem; or do you need to board your animal at the carer’s home? We can do that too.

With cats, for example, we organise visits, too. We understand that cats like their territory and familiar surroundings and do not exactly like to be moved. Indeed, you can have a pet sitter come to your home and they would visit your cat, fill their bowl, changing their litter and spend some time with them.

If you would like to organise sittings as often as possible on a long term basis, why not consider one of our loyalty subscription options. Contact our advisers for more information and enjoy savings from the minute you sign up.

Indeed, Max and Kitty can the right local service for you. What’s more is that when you are creating your search you can select multiple pet sitters at the same. That way you can make sure you get the best match for your pet and the care that they deserve. Every one of our sitters have different skills and affinities but they all share the love for the animals.

Each pet sitter has been carefully vetted to the highest of our standards to ensure they are also qualified for the job. We put the safety of the animals first and we will always ensure that you are happy with your selection before going ahead.