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Are you currently looking for a cat sitter for when you go on holiday? Several options exist, all of which offer a cat sitting service with peace of mind guaranteed. Organise your cat sitting today!

Cat sitting with a host family

Pet sitting with a family is not the most popular service for cat owners. As cats are generally quite independent, they don’t need as much company as other animals.

What’s more, given that cats tend to be very territorial, it can be risky to send them to someone else’s home as they are likely to try to find their way back to their own home.

Nevertheless some owners do opt for this service for their cat. When they do they generally choose a sitter living in a flat.

Cat sitters are all animal lovers, who’ll know how to take the best possible care of your cat while you’re away.

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Overnight cat sitting in your home

As stated previously, cats are independent and autonomous animals, which are quite capable of coping on their own.

However some cats may need to have someone around, for at least part of the day.

If this is the case, then you can arrange for a cat sitter to come to your home to take care of your pet.

For this type of service, your cat can benefit from having someone around day and night, as the sitter will stay overnight for the duration of the sitting.

If you prefer, it’s also possible to ask the cat sitter to stay in your home during the day and return to their home in the evening.

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Organising visits for your cat

This is the service, the most requested by cat owners, which will enable you to organise the right number of visits to ensure your cat’s welfare while you’re away.

You can agree, in advance with the cat sitter, the exact frequency and duration of visits that you require.

For example the sitter can come to your home up to several times a day, each time for a duration of 30-45 minutes.

You should also agree with the sitter exactly what tasks you expect them to carry out for each visit: feeding, providing fresh water, games, cuddles etc.

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