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How does Max & Kitty work?

In order to find a pet sitter, pet owners create a search via the www.maxkitty-petsitting.co.uk website and select 1 or more pet-sitters.

We then send a message to all the pet sitters selected, with all relevant information.

A messaging tool is available for pet owners and sitters to discuss details prior to the pet sitting.

When the pet owner has confirmed the pet sitter of his choice, he makes a booking with him/her and then receives his/her contact details.

Both the pet owner and the pet sitter meet and if agreement is found the pet sitter is hired. Otherwise, Max & Kitty will help the owner find another pet sitter (for free) as many times as needed until the pet owner and the pet sitter are in agreement.

During the pet sitting, Max & Kitty is available to both the pet owner and the pet sitter in the unlikely event of any emergency.

I can’t login to my account

If you can’t login to your account, please check the following:

-Email and password: they are sent when you register for the 1st time. You can request both by clicking on the “forgot my password” link.

- Your subscription expiry date (pet sitters): you can renew your subscription at any time.

If you still can’t connect, please call us or email us on contact@maxkitty.co.uk and we’ll help you!


How to become a pet sitter?
  • In order to become a pet sitter with Max & Kitty, you have to fill in a registration form on the website.
  • Once completed, our recruitment team will vet your application. It will then take between 1 and 2 weeks to find out if you’ve been successful. We will send you an email.
Why don’t I receive many pet sitting enquiries?

If you want to receive more pet sitting enquiries, you have to make the client want to book you! Below are 3 key client criteria:

  • Reactivity: Clients who need petsitters ask everyone, including family members, so get in there first with the online chat.
  • Messaging tool: You can leave a message to introduce yourself and reply to requests. This will be your first chance to interact with the client, so it’s your opportunity to demonstrate your personality beyond just being a profile page on a website!
  • Your pet sitter’s profile: The more detailed your profile, the more likely the client is to select you. Explain your motivation and add some pictures of yourself and your home.

Do remember you may be in competition with other pet sitters.

Remember, Max & Kitty do offer another way of standing out from the crowd: Become Premium !

I received a new request/message, but nothing appears in my account: why?

If the client cancels their request before you connect to your account, this request and all messages associated with it will not show up.

You can retrieve all cancelled requests history by clicking on the “see cancelled requests” button in the “open requests” section.

I receive requests regarding “unsociable” animals, therefore not matching what I put on my profile…

Some pet owners prefer to indicate that their pet is ‘not sociable’ if they have never socialised with other animals.

Also, some owners do not always examine thoroughly the pet sitter’s profile before selecting them.

As a rule, you should decline any request where there is a risk that the client’s pet will not get on well with your own pets if you have any.

I have to cancel the pet sitting I accepted previously, what should I do?

First and foremost, you would need to let the client know ASAP by contacting them over the phone. Secondly, you would need to contact Max & Kitty as well.

Once you have done this, log onto the “booking” section of your pet sitter’s account and click on “details”.

Once on the booking page, click on “cancel my booking” and fill in the form before validating.

Max & Kitty will then get in touch with the client in order to find a replacement.

If this procedure is not thoroughly followed, Max & Kitty may change your rating or delete your profile from the website.

What to do in case of emergency? (Animal running away, getting hurt, behaving strangely etc…)

Animal injury

Depending on the injury you might need to go and see a vet, or not.

If the injury looks really bad, go to the nearest vet. After this call Max & Kitty who will make sure the owner is aware.

If the injury seems minor, call Max & Kitty and we’ll guide you through the appropriate procedure.

If you went through a vet, make sure you ask them to raise an invoice. Then you should mention the incident on your Max & Kitty’s profile under the pet sitting job reference number. If the injury button does not appear, it’s probably because the pet owner already declared the injury.

Pet owners can also subscribe to a Pet Health Cover. If they do, vet fees will be covered by Max & Kitty.

If the client chooses this option, the pet sitting job reference should mention “Health Cover” and Max & Kitty will reimburse vet fees. If you can’t find any mention of cover, it means that no Pet Health cover has been subscribed, and the pet owner will have to reimburse you for the vet fees.

The pet health cover does not include vet fees related to chronic diseases: in this case, the pet owner will have to reimburse the vet fees directly.

Animal running away

If you lose a pet, here are some tips to try to find the animal as soon as possible.

  • Look for the animal in the area where it’s been lost, by foot and by car, for 15 to 20 mins.
  • Lost animals are often collected by people passing by who take animals to the nearest animal professional. Make sure you call vets, pet-shops and local rescue centres to check.
  • If the pet is micro-chipped, contact the microchip company and inform them that the pet is missing - make sure you ask about such details when speaking to the owner (the biggest database is www.petlog.org.uk).
  • Put up posters with a photo of the animal in post offices, newsagents, local shops and in other areas where people walk dogs.
  • Call the owner to let them know, explain the situation and reassure them that you are in control of the situation.
  • Call Max & Kitty. If we can’t answer the phone, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • In the event that you don’t find the dog, contact www.lostdogs.co.uk, a volunteer site that has successfully helped find lost dogs before.

Unusual behaviour:

Call Max & Kitty, we’ll guide you through the process to follow.

Outside of opening hours, leave a message with your name, contact details, booking reference and please describe the animal’s behaviour: a Max & Kitty’s adviser will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I pet sit several animals at the same time?

You can pet sit several animals at the same time, provided each owner is aware of it and in agreement.

Before accepting a request, you should mention on the website that you intend to look after several pets during the designated period.

Be aware that you may want to limit the number of dogs you care for at one time in accordance with local council boarding restrictions (some allow 4, others 2…). Our insurance policy does not allow more than 6 dogs to be walked together.

How can I set or change my rates?

On the Max & Kitty’s website, you can define your own pet sitting rates for each pet sitting service you provide.

You can change your rates at anytime by going to “edit my profile” then “my services”. If you change your rates before you finish your current job, this job will remain at the old rate.

If you have to travel (for visits, walks or for a pet sitting at a client’s home) you should not include your mileage cost. They will be calculated automatically by the site on the basis of £0.15 per mile + a fixed rate of £5 if you pick-up the pet from the owner’s home or if you do the sitting at the owner’s home.

When do I get paid?

The pet owner will pay you directly.

We advise you to ask for 50% up front, and the remaining amount once the pet sitting is complete. That way you are covered in case of unexpected expenses (food, medicines…).

Do I have to give any money to Max & Kitty?

No, what the client pays you is all yours.

Do I have to declare income coming from pet sitting?

Max & Kitty is not a direct employer of sitters. You are responsible for complying with your local tax and regulatory framework. We advise you to check with a tax expert or the government website on matters relating to self-employment and taxes.

How to renew my free subscription?

To renew your free subscription, simply click on the link at the bottom of the homepage of your account.

Where can I find the contract to be signed by the client?

The contract between yourself and the client can be found via your pet sitter account, under the “contract” tab. You can also print it from your booking section.

Do I need a Boarding License to sign up as a Sitter?

If you wish to board dogs at your home, it’s best to contact your local council for further information, as they require any individual wishing to open and run an Animal Boarding Establishment to apply for an Animal Boarding Licence in advance.

I would like to have my pet looked after by another Max & Kitty’s pet sitter: is that possible?

All you have to do is to search a pet sitter from the Max & Kitty website. Your customer account will automatically be created and linked to your pet sitter’s account. You can keep track of your search via the “my customer’s account”’ tab, at the top right of your personal space (just under the Max & Kitty phone number).

I have to travel (visits, pet sitting at the owner’s home, or collecting the pet from the owner): am I entitled to a mileage allowance?

Mileage cost related to a pet sitting activity must be reimbursed by the client. The rates published on the website for a sitting don’t take into account any mileage allowances. Therefore, those will be added to the rate shown on the website where relevant.

The compensation rate is £0.15/mile. If you have to pick up the animal at the owner’s home, then £5 must be added on top of the mileage allowance.

How to add a pet sitting memory?

Once you have completed the pet sitting, go onto your account under the “my bookings” tab. Select the pet sitting job completed and then click on “leave a pet sitting memory”. Upload the picture or the video by following the instructions.

They should appear on your account within 48 hours. If not, please contact Max & Kitty.

How to change my personal information?

In order to change your personal details, go to the “my info” tab within your pet sitter account. Once the changes are made click on “save changes”.

Some of the changes may need a Max&Kitty validation so you should allow 48h for those to appear on your account. If you can’t see any changes appearing, then please contact Max&Kitty.

How to unsubscribe from Max & Kitty?

If you wish to remove your profile from the Max & Kitty website, all you have to do is simply email us at contact@maxkitty.co.uk and we will do it for you.

Before you unsubscribe from Max&Kitty, make sure you decline all ongoing pet sitting requests and bookings.

If you have an ongoing pet sitting request or booking, please contact Max & Kitty first.

If you have a double account (owner/pet sitter), then make sure you unsubscribe from both accounts please.


Can I have my pet looked after if my pet is not vaccinated?

You can have your pet looked after even if it’s not vaccinated, or neutered. When requesting a pet sitting, you will have to fill in a form about your animal, which contains information about your animal’s health (including vaccinations). That information will be visible to pet sitters who can choose to accept your request or not.

Please be reminded that vaccinations are designed to protect your animal. Therefore we advise you to have them vaccinated before any pet sitting.

How do I pay?

Once you selected your pet sitter, click on "Book this Pet sitter"and it will lead you to our payment page.

As soon as you pay our fee, the pet sitter's contact details will be released.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

You would then pay the pet sitter directly.

How many pet sitters do I have to select in order to get a speedy answer?

If you wish to have your request met quickly, we recommend you select at least 5 pet sitters. Ideally you should select 10.

Please be aware that during holiday periods, we receive a lot of pet sitting requests and pet sitters are very busy. Should you need a pet sitting service during school holidays, we would advise you to select as many pet sitters as you can in order to find someone suitable.

I submitted my search. What happens now?

Once a search is created, one of our advisers will get in touch with the pet sitters you selected.

Don’t hesitate to chat with potential pet sitters, using our Max & Kitty messaging tool: it’s totally free and allows you to get to know the people who are going to take care of your pet.

To access your messages, just connect to your Max & Kitty account and go to “mysearches”, messages are located within each search.

If you like a pet sitter after having chatted to them, you can book them and go to the next stage of the process.

How can I contact the pet sitter?

If you wish to contact the pet sitter before the booking, you can do so by logging into your account and using the internal messaging tool.

How are Max & Kitty’s pet sitter selected?

Max & Kitty’s pet sitters are carefully selected by our team. Pet sitters need to fill in an application and submit a form of ID. Max & Kitty reserves the right to reject an application that does not meet our selection criteria.

What are Max & Kitty’s insurance and guarantees during the pet sitting?
  • Insurance for your pet sitting (at no extra cost, included in the booking)

All bookings done through Max & Kitty are covered by Covea Insurance.

This insurance covers pet sitters as well as animals, and is valid during the whole pet sitting service.

What is covered:

Public Liability: legal liability for injury to third parties and for damage to 3rd party property caused by your pet for up to £5,000,000 (excess of £100).

Care, Custody & Control: legal liability for loss of or injury to animals that are in the sitter’s care, custody or control, for up £20,000 (excess of £50).

  • A pet Health Cover (optional)

If your animal gets hurt or falls ill during the pet sitting, this warranty covers vet and surgical fees for up to £250 per pet sitting service.

This guarantee is only valid for incidents or illnesses that occur during the pet sitting; it does not include expenses related to chronic diseases or other existing illnesses that manifest during the pet sitting.

  • Cancellation guarantee (optional)

This guarantee applies when you need to cancel any pet sitting service for your animal. It allows you to be refunded or credited depending on the conditions of the cancellation.

For more information on refund conditions in the case of cancellation, please read our T&Cs.

I would like someone to house-sit for me overnight, is it a service provided by Max & Kitty?

Home sitting is not a service provided Max & Kitty.

Max & Kitty do provide an overnight pet sitting service, where the pet sitter sleeps over at your home. Do note they are not obliged to stay in your home for the entire day while you are away. This service only includes pet sitting related activities, and not home sitting ones.

Why don’t some pet sitters have client testimonials on their profile?

Only Max & Kitty’s clients are allowed to leave a testimonial or endorsement on a pet sitter’s profile. This ensures that we only have quality and reliable feedback from people in our Max & Kitty community.

If a pet sitter does not have a testimonial, this can mean:

  • The client did not leave any feedback after a service.
  • The pet sitter has not yet worked for a Max & Kitty client.
Can any dog breed be looked after by a Max & Kitty pet sitter?

No dog registered under the Dangerous Dog’s Act 1991 can be accepted for boarding in a private home: Pit Bull Terriers (PBTs), Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brazilieros.

How do I change my animal’s profile?

Changing your pet’s profile can be done in your account. Click on the menu on “my pets”. Just click on your animal’s profile to change it.

I used Max & Kitty as a pet owner, and now I’d like to become a pet sitter myself. Is this possible?

Yes! In order to become a pet sitter, click on “my pet sitter account” at the top right of your profile (under Max & Kitty’s telephone number). Here you’ll find information about pet sitting and an electronic form to fill out online. Once you submit the form, Max & Kitty will let you know via email if you have been accepted as a pet sitter or not.

Where can I find my invoice?

Your invoice can be found on your profile page in the booking summary section. Go to “my bookings” and click on “details”. The link to your invoice is located under the messages interface.

This invoice only relates to the amount paid to Max & Kitty. You can download and print this invoice.

For any invoices related to the amount you paid the pet sitter, you have to ask the pet sitter directly for an invoice at the end of the pet sitting.

How do I delete my Max & Kitty’s account?

Please send your request to Max & Kitty’s team by email at contact@maxkitty.co.ukand we will delete your account.

How long in advance do I have to look for a pet sitter?

If the pet sitting occurs during a holiday period, you should start looking for a pet sitter 2 or 3 weeks prior to the date.

If the pet sitting occurs during school holidays:

  • mid/end of term school holidays: 1 month prior to the pet sitting
  • summer holidays: 3 months prior to the pet sitting

Those are only guidelines, you can of course request a pet sitter up to the day you want the service to start.

I would like to meet the pet sitter before booking, how do I proceed?

Meeting the pet sitter is possible only once the booking is made on the Max & Kitty’s website. It is in fact strongly recommended that you meet them before the sitting.

You can chat with the pet sitter before the booking through the Max & Kitty’s messaging tool: it’s free and convenient, so don’t hesitate to use it!

You can get in touch by phone and arrange a meeting once you have paid for your booking.

What do I have to leave with the pet sitter?

Before you leave it’s important to prepare well for the pet sitting. Below is a list of things not to forget:

  • The pet’s health book (including any chip number, date of birth…)
  • Food
  • Any medicine if needed
  • Favourite toys
  • Vet’s contact details
  • A number where you can be reached while you are away
  • An authorisation for any surgery in case of emergency
I want to declare an incident or an illness that occurred during the pet sitting, how can I do this?

On your profile page, go to “my bookings.” Here you can access your list of bookings (previous and ongoing). Click on “declare an incident/illness.”

If this button does not appear, that is because the pet sitter has already made the declaration.

How can I leave a review on the pet sitter?

On your profile page, go to “my bookings.” Here you can access your bookings (previous and ongoing). On each of the past bookings, next to the pet sitter’s name, click on “leave a review on the pet sitter.”

Your review will be published on the Max & Kitty pet sitter’s profile, and also on the list of client’s reviews.

How can I change my personal details?

To change your details, go in your account on the website: from the menu at the top right of the page, select “edit my profile”, make your changes and click on “Save.”