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Find our pet sitters in your region to look after your dog or cat

For all your pet sitting needs (dog, cat, ferret…), Max & Kitty has pet sitters all over the UK. They are carefully vetted to offer the best options available. The process is meticulously created by our Vet and followed to this day. Refine your search by county and then by city to get the best selection.

In fact, the closest the pet sitter is, the more reactive they will be. Most importantly, your pet will thank you for not traveling too far away their familiar surroundings.
Max & Kitty offers you a selection of sitters near you:

North East - North West - Yorkshire and the Humber - East Midlands - West Midlands - East of England - London - South East - South West - Wales - Scotland - Northern Ireland


In the UK, people have a very strong bond with their pets. In fact, as you look closely, you notice that some breeds are typical for certain regions. For example, our research indicates that currently more sittings for small dogs are popular for central London. When it comes to counties, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is popular in the Midlands and the Northern Counties whereas the Southern regions seem to worship more the Jack Russell Terrier. However, both breeds are only second to the UK’s most popular dog - the Labrador Retriever.

We are aware of this county segmentation and therefore ask our sitters to take into consideration the breed specificities before accepting a booking.

Distance is also an important factor when selecting a sitter. Do not get frighten by some regions like Yorkshire for example, where the distances show to be much longer to urban areas like Greater London. It is only natural. However, the less travel the better for your pet so please take this into account when creating your search.

Whether you need cat visits, dog walking, pet sitting or boarding, Max & Kitty offers these services in your local region. We have a wide selection of sitters, so it is up to you what you base your search on – whether distance, or pet sitter experience, or even location. Ultimately, we are here to find the best choice for your furry friend.
Each region in the UK has their own charm so your pet will sure to enjoy their time while you are away. Start your first booking today at Max and Kitty.